THE VIRTUAL THEATRE OF HISTORY IN DARKNESS was founded in early 2001 by Paul Mullin, William Salyers and Gerard Zoehfeld as a producing entity for short audio plays providing snippets of history taking place in near or perfect darkness, telling the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Playwright Paul Mullin lives in New York City, where his play LOUIS SLOTIN SONATA was produced last spring at the Ensemble Studio Theatre. Mullin's plays have been seen in Seattle, Washington D.C., Louisville, Baltimore, New York and Los Angeles, where he recently received the L.A. Drama Critics Circle Ted Schmitt Award for Outstanding New Play. Watch for his latest full-length, AN AMERICAN BOOK OF THE DEAD* (THE GAME SHOW) slated to premiere in Spring 2002 at Circle X Theatre in LA. Says Mullin: "I enjoy delving into the hidden side of history-- the stuff that happened in darkness done by folks we don't ordinarily celebrate as heroes."

Director William Salyers lives in Los Angeles. As an actor, his television appearances include JUDGING AMY, ARLISS, STRONG MEDICINE and NORTHERN EXPOSURE. His feature films include BEDAZZLED, BOOK OF STARS and CROCODILE TEARS. CROSSING marks the latest effort in a long collaboration with friend and playwright Paul Mullin, for whom he created the role of Audie McCall in TUESDAY and the title role in the award-winning LOUIS SLOTIN SONATA for Circle X Theater in Los Angeles. He later reprised the role in the play's New York premiere at the Ensemble Studio Theater. "I've always loved radio drama," says Salyers, " and I think the internet is an exciting, relatively unexplored forum for that medium."

Web designer Gerard Zoehfeld lives in New York City. He is currently working on a variety of internet projects as a Digital Media Specialist at Columbia University's Center for New Media, Teaching, and Learning. He originally started as a Sound Designer for live events in and around Manhattan and eventually turned his passion for design towards film and music production. With this strong background in music, audio and film, Gerard has been looking to integrate these forms into cyber space in new and creative ways that have a less comercial edge. "I have always believed the internet to be the worlds largest resource library and mental jungle gym; a place where one can think and learn and not just 'surf'. I think this project blends these two ideas. Users maintain that entertainment element which initially brings most users to the net yet they can walk away from the website having learned something."